Epigenetic signature

Epigenetic variation on genomic DNA is a key component of gene expression in mammalian cell. Specific epigenetic patterns finding on circulating cell-free DNA has been investigated and open a large variety of clinical applications.

Digital PCR Fast, accurate and highly sensitive methods for circulating cell-free DNA analysis

Digital-PCR is a microfluidic technic based on PCR amplification with an additional step of sample partitioning in thousand micro-compartments (droplets or chambers). After amplification, compartments containing target sequence are detected by fluorescence and scored as positive, or negative (without fluorescence. Improved digital-PCR systems with multiple color detection channels allowed the expansion of multiplexing strategies to quantify several targets within a single reactive well.

Our innovation

Our patented innovation is built on …. our strong expertise to exploit -omic and epigenetic data from multiple genomic DNA and cell-free DNA and ….. our ability to build robust specific multiplex PCR assays capable to quantify a specific cellular degradation

According to its fluorescence signal, each droplets is counted and converted into copy/µL of DNA molecules of interest